The UK Comedy Guild…

…offers a unified voice to people working in the UK comedy industry.

By Uniting…

…we aim to raise standards and promote fairness across our industry.

We Believe…

…that all have the right to be treated with respect and be kept safe from threat, intimidation or harassment, whether on stage or off, regardless of experience, age, disability, gender, race, religion or beliefs, sexuality or class.

In pursuit of these goals, we will…

  • Create and abide by a code of conduct – which will be reviewed on a regular basis;
  • Maintain and promote best practice.
  • Help prevent exploitation and discrimination whenever we know of it.
  • Provide a collective forum for acts, agents and promoters in their communications with each other.
  • Work alongside and strengthen our relationship with Equity.
  • Be an active voice for fair pay for comedians.
  • Seek to resolve problems.
  • Give knowledge and support to those who look to work and function fairly within our industry.

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